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The Park Family at Cathedral Park
Jennifer Park headshot

Jennifer Park (she/her/they)
Programs Director, The Shadow Project

Jennifer's dedication to advancing equity is the inspiration for her candidacy for Portland City Council as part of her journey to deconstructing systemic barriers that reduce opportunities and access to services for our most vulnerable neighbors.

Jennifer has over a decade of professional experience in public service and is actively pursuing her Executive Masters in Public Administration as part of the Portland State University 2023 EMPA cohort.



Jennifer began her public service career with six years at an innovative supportive housing non-profit serving over 450 chronically homeless adults in San Francisco, CA. Upon moving to Portland, OR ten years ago she brought her passion for community to education, leading operations in a local public elementary school. For the past four and a half years Jennifer has continued her commitment to social justice as programs director for a Portland based non-profit, implementing programs that make school more accessible and engaging for children who struggle in our institutionalized education system.


When she's not campaigning, working, or studying Jennifer is spending time with her family -- husband, Andy; daughter, Penelope; son, Otto; mom, Jean; dog, Rufus; cat, J.J.; and three backyard chickens, Ducky, Mouse, and Goose. She loves impromptu adventures, finding new camp gems all around the PNW, and exploring Portland's plethora of incredible food trucks, restaurants, breweries, distilleries, and cider houses.

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