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Persist with Park by sharing the campaign with your neighbors with a Jennifer Park for District 2 yard sign! Free delivery every weekend in Portland District 2!

Consider making a donation in addition to your yard sign purchase! 

Jennifer Park is participating in the Portland Small Donor Elections program in her campaign for Portland City Council District 2.

The Small Donor Elections program matches the first $20 of all donations by Portland residents 9-to-1. This means if you live in the city of Portland, your donation of $20 becomes $200 to our campaign.

All donations are appreciated, but making a contribution of $20 - $350 will support us in  getting our message out to more District 2 neighbors, maximizing the impact of your donation to our campaign.

Invite Jennifer to attend a ​party hosted by you to speak with and share her vision for Portland with your community! House parties and community gatherings are great ways to support Jennifer whether sharing her platform or supporting her fundraising initiatives.


Whether telling your friends and family about why you think Jennifer is a valuable candidate for District 2, canvasing your neighborhood to spread the word about Jennifer's campaign, or volunteering in other capacities, connect with us about campaigning for Jennifer.

Order t-shirts, hats, totes, mugs, and more from our Bonfire shop to support the campaign!


Merch helps us spread the word, but isn't a big fundraiser. Consider making a donation in addition to your merch purchase! 

Join us at an upcoming event! Introduce yourself, share your priorities for District 2 and the new council structure, ask the questions that are important to you!


Follow us on social media and share our campaign with your friends and family!

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