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As we prepare to establish the practices and expectations of a new, expanded Portland City Council structure, we need to thoughtfully and intentionally root our system in true, equitable, transparent, and honest community engagement.

We need council members who seek out the voice of their constituents; who make themselves available to their community in accessible ways; who don't forget to engage the people they serve when faced with policy choices.

I am a resolute advocate for equity, and particularly accessibility. I facilitate trainings and conversations to broaden the lens with which people see equity in action, and I challenge perspectives that are blind to the systemic challenges that create barriers to true access for all.

As part of the council that launches our new model of government I would be unbending in my demands that the system is built on a foundation of authentic and accessible community engagement.

During this campaign season I am outreaching to and meeting with community groups, organizations, individuals, and local businesses throughout District 2 to discuss their priorities for the incoming council.

Want to talk? Contact me!

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