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We need to take a close look at responding to safety with a network of services that meet the needs of our community. When someone is experiencing the trauma of an emergency, the responders should be able to effectively support the individual's needs. Council needs to ensure we are providing safe, effective services to the community.

It's time to empower the proven Portland Street Response model with the investment that allows it to effectively meet the community's needs —running 24/7 with adequate staffing that is paid competitively for their work.

It is time to hand over the reigns of accountability and oversight of our safety institutions to community-based commissions. Not just titles with no decision-making or action-taking power. Let's rebuild trust between our public institutions and our community through genuine transparency and shared power.



"What it requires, frankly, is political will on behalf of mayors and other local leaders to say that this way isn’t working, and that there is actually another way to do things."

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