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Sign Our Petition: Help Preserve 100 Units of Senior Affordable Housing in Northeast Portland

The historic property of Rosemont Court in Northeast Portland's Piedmont neighborhood has been home to 100 units of senior affordable housing for 20 years.

Portland's District 2, including inner NE Portland, has some of the worst history of systemic displacement of low-income neighbors in our city, disproportionately affecting communities of color.

Currently, the property owner, the non-profit Northwest Housing Alternatives, is preparing to sell the property, and have submitted a pending request to the City of Portland to lift the affordable housing covenant on the property to improve its salability.

This decision would further exacerbate the housing crisis we face, and displace more seniors who have already been marginalized by previous policies.

The loss of affordable housing is not just an economic issue, or a housing issue; it's a human rights issue that directly impacts our most vulnerable citizens.

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC), Oregon ranks among the top states with the largest shortage of affordable rental homes for extremely low-income renters. In fact, for every 100 extremely low income households needing affordable rental homes in Oregon, only 26 units are available (NLIHC).

We cannot build our way out of our housing crisis while losing affordable properties at the same time. You can't fill a bucket with a hole in the bottom.

We must stand up for those who are most at risk and ensure they have access to safe and affordable housing.

Today we created a petition to send a clear message to all of our local governmental jurisdictions that we value all members of our community and believe everyone deserves access to safe and stable housing.

Please sign our petition and join our movement -- taking a stand against systemic displacement and advocating for the preservation of senior affordable housing units in Northeast Portland.





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